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Employment authorization and work visas

Competing in today’s global economy requires confidence in your ability to deploy skilled employees wherever they are needed across the world. BAL’s expertise, global network of relationships, strategic approach, proven processes and quality controls are the foundation that make our clients’ immigration programs more successful.

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BAL has decades of experience securing a wide range of work authorization and visa types for our client’s employees, such as:


Strategic Approach

BAL has focused solely on immigration law for more than 40 years, and we know how to support our clients to operate successful programs. Through extensive benchmarking across a range of industries and business sizes, we’ve developed best practices that allow our attorneys to work strategically with clients, assessing their specific needs and strategizing the most efficient path to secure the necessary visas for their workforce.

Furthermore, BAL’s unique approach attracts the best and brightest minds in immigration law. We are extremely selective in our recruiting efforts, ensuring only exceptional immigration attorneys serve our clients.


Proven Processes

Our proprietary, end-to-end process incorporates the latest legal requirements and the most efficient means to obtain each employment visa. This allows us to provide support from initiation to completion with a focus on exceptional client service throughout the entire journey. We build your preferences into relevant workflows and deliver a roadmap at the onset of each case for complete transparency.


Quality Control

Exceptional is the standard we hold ourselves to in all our work. Our Practice Management, Knowledge Management and Technology teams maintain a rigorous program to ensure our quality standards are consistently met by all legal teams. Our program includes ongoing internal instruction, facilitating scheduled reviews and assembling interdepartmental working groups that focus on improving quality.


Proprietary Technology

Cobalt® is our award-winning case management technology that serves as the single source of truth for everyone involved in the immigration process. BAL securely maintains all confidential data and communications, tracking deadlines and milestones and ensuring accuracy throughout in real time for total transparency.

BAL’s experience and deep understanding of all employment visa options enables our clients to recruit and retain the best global talent.


Exceptional service, without exception

Our approach delivers the best of BAL to clients ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies moving thousands of employees each year to businesses with a single immigration case.