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Client Stories Client Stories

Client stories

While BAL’s unique approach, multifaceted expertise and more than 40 years of experience speak volumes about our commitment and credibility in the field of immigration law, no one is better suited to advocate for us than our clients. It is through their eyes that we evaluate our success and through their stories that we hope to emphasize the critical nature of what we do and — more importantly — who we do it for. Discover the power of BAL by exploring our client stories below.

BAL + biotech company

A timeline unfolds to reveal exactly what it takes to win the elusive O-1 visa status for an exceptionally talented researcher.

“Throughout this process, I felt where other immigration firms might have stopped, BAL was just getting started.”
– Manager, People Solutions, BAL client


BAL + NJ/NY Gotham FC

Experience the one-BAL mindset as Coach Juan Carlos Amorós López and his assistant coaches obtain their visa status- securing one of many wins for the team.

“If it wasn’t for BAL, I wouldn’t have a coaching team to start preseason. That is massive. Without them there, we wouldn’t be champions now.”
– Coach Juan Carlos Amorós López, Head Coach, NJ/NY Gotham FC


Exceptional service, without exception

Our approach delivers the best of BAL to clients ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies moving thousands of employees each year to businesses with a single immigration case.