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Technology fuels the journey

Cobalt® case management

Proactive communications, visibility into milestones and an intuitive interface enable our legal teams to deliver exceptional service.


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Powerful technology to power human achievement

Cobalt serves as the single platform for everyone involved in the immigration process, delivering:

  • Quality: Cobalt automatically validates data inputs and automates the generation of filing packet forms, dramatically reducing human error.
  • Transparency: Our DataPro reporting tool’s configurable views deliver transparency into your entire program across the globe and provide your employees with real-time information on their case status.
  • Speed: Case processing is tracked leveraging time-based milestones that ensure cases are processed quickly. AI speeds data collection from human resources and foreign nationals.
  • Communication: Cobalt’s automated emails guide foreign nationals along the journey. Ellie, a first-of-its-kind immigration chatbot, provides industry-best response times.
  • Experience: Our mobile-enabled portal guides foreign nationals through document and data collection and provides context on the process.
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Named a 2023 National Law Journal Legal Technology Trailblazer.


Configurable reporting

With Cobalt, reports are configured in minutes, not hours. The data is always updated in real-time, and reports are scheduled according to your cadence to ensure you are always up-to-date on your current cases and program.



Customized financial forecasts – incorporating your specific immigration policies and program size – deliver a comprehensive spend projection that empowers you to make informed budgeting decisions.


Data protection and information security

BAL’s Enterprise Security and Privacy team keeps client data secure and private through the active management of our dedicated ISO 27001 and 27701 certified ISMS (Information Security Management System) and PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) programs.



Cobalt integrates into most HRIS systems; so, you can continue utilizing your existing systems to streamline operations, reduce errors caused by manual entry and increase data integrity.

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Exceptional service, without exception

Our approach delivers the best of BAL to clients ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies moving thousands of employees each year to businesses with a single immigration case.