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Permanent residency

BAL provides holistic and creative strategies for pursuing permanent residence nearly anywhere in the world by streamlining every step of the process for all parties involved. For immigration program managers, we deliver speed and efficiency; for residency seekers, we make the complex process as simple as possible.

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At the outset of every case, we evaluate an individual’s specific circumstances to strategize the most efficient and compliant route to securing their green card. In some cases, this might mean pursuing a permanent residence alternative like a national interest waiver.

Regardless of the green card path, we monitor industry trends to proactively resolve potential issues before they happen, all while maintaining clear channels of communication to fully inform applicants of their future obligations, restrictions and options. We automate the tedious steps throughout the process, minimizing opportunities for error while enabling our clients to better support their employees.

Establishing permanent residency can be a daunting process when faced alone, but our team of seasoned experts is here to support your needs throughout the journey.

Exceptional service, without exception

Our approach delivers the best of BAL to clients ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies moving thousands of employees each year to businesses with a single immigration case.