One Brand, One Standard, One Technology

Many law firms separate their local offices, which can lead to different client experiences across the country. BAL is different. We are intentionally structured as one team, one brand, and one profit & loss center. That means you and your team receive the same service and technology in Seattle as you would from any of our 13 other locations—and benefit from the experience of all of them.

BAL Technology

BAL doesn’t innovate “just because.” We develop technology that empowers companies to make better decisions. Our mission is to make the immigration process easier for our clients and their employees, and our innovations landed us on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023.

Working with BAL means access to our award-winning technology, including:

  • BAL Cobalt: our proprietary case management platform Cobalt® has empowered the immigration journey of over 2 million people from every country in the world.
  • BAL Advisor: the industry’s largest self-help knowledgebase for HR professionals and foreign nationals
  • BAL Community: an exclusive subscription for HR professionals’ insights, benchmarking data, and access to influential policymakers.

If you are ready to partner with an immigration firm, Contact us today.

Meet Our Seattle Immigration Team

BAL’s team of experienced attorneys, including Partner Susan Wehrer and Senior Associates Steven Plastrik and Emily Yao, are well-equipped to assist Seattle-based companies with their immigration needs. With their extensive experience in government, customer service, and a variety of industries, they provide personalized solutions to help clients achieve their business goals. As part of a larger network of offices across the US, Seattle-based clients have access to the full resources of BAL.