A Guide to Protecting Your Global Mobility Program

Enterprise hacks make headlines daily. These include ransomware, malware, adware, social engineering and DDOS attacks. This should give pause to anyone whose business entails managing and securing confidential information. As an in-house mobility professional, your team is likely working both from home and the office, trying to manage the usual robust workflow of cases. Since you are responsible for employee data, you should think about how to best identify and mitigate risk, protecting your company and its people.

If you run a global mobility program, large or small, you need to ensure your employees’ data is protected. Your immigration provider and their case-management software must meet the highest cybersecurity standards.

For these reasons, choosing the right immigration provider is critical for your company and your personal success. But how do you select the right provider and protect your employees?

Learn How to Ask if Your Provider Has Appropriate Cybersecurity Measures in Place

If knowledge gaps make immigration-provider selection challenging, BAL’s new brochure offers reassurance. This guide has been crafted by our legal and IT experts, who have compiled 55 RFP questions to ask potential providers. Reading this guide, you will discover how to ask providers about data security issues, including security governance, security awareness training, incident response, international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, and third-party audits.

Take steps now to choose the right immigration provider that will protect your critical employee data. Download BAL’s comprehensive guide on immigration case-management security, Enterprise Cybersecurity Is Job Security.

Download the Guide:

To learn more about how you can boost your immigration-program security, please contact cybersecurity@bal.com to schedule a consultation.