The Australian government announced an increase in visa application fees for most visa subclasses, effective July 1.

Key Points:

  • The updated fee schedule has been published; fees increased to reflect the cost of processing applications.
  • Each year, indexation is applied to application fees based on the consumer price index.
  • The new fees for employer-sponsored visas are highlighted below:
    • Temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482) — short-term visa stream
      • Primary applicant — AU$1,495 (about US$1,008)
      • Dependent(s) under 18 years — AU$375
    • Temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482) — medium- to long-term visa stream
      • Primary applicant — AU$3,115
      • Dependent(s) under 18 years — AU$780
    • Employer nomination scheme visa (subclass 186)
      • Primary applicant — AU$4,770
      • Dependent(s) over 18 years — AU$2,385
      • Dependent(s) under 18 years — AU$1,190
  • In addition, citizenship applications for permanent residents aged 18 to 59 have increased from AU$540 to AU$560.

Additional Information: The Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT) has also been increased to AU$175,000 (from AU$167,500). This protection exists under the Fair Work Act for applicants over the age of 45 years against unfair dismissal. The minimum salary threshold (TSMIT) has also increased to AU$73,150 (from AU$70,000). Finally, the government has implemented a significant increase in student visa fees to AU$1,600, representing a 125% jump from the previous fee of AU$710.

BAL Analysis: Employers should take the new fees into account when planning their 2024 budgets. These changes impact many prospective applicants and current visa holders. More information on visa application charges can be found here.

This alert has been provided by the BAL Global Practice Group.

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