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Research and comparative analysis

BAL brings vast experience and clear thinking to assess the impact of complex immigration issues on large-scale global initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and reorganizations — helping you weigh the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities and make the most informed and strategic business decisions.


Country comparative analysis

By examining complex issues in numerous countries — including costs, entry requirements, current and pending legislation — BAL will evaluate several location options that enable you to determine the best location for your talented employees.


Process outlines

Detailed, step-by-step guidance on each immigration visa application provides you and your employees full visibility into what to expect and when. Our visa process outlines will break down how long each step will take and who is responsible for each step in their unique immigration journey.


Country overviews

These global summaries provide information on permissible business activities, short- and long-term work authorization requirements, as well as residence compliance per destination country. Additionally, they provide guidance on whether dependents may work and/or travel with principal applicants. These handy documents take the guesswork and research out of the equation and allow your global mobility team to clearly understand all options.

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Exceptional service, without exception

Our approach delivers the best of BAL to clients ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies moving thousands of employees each year to businesses with a single immigration case.