Today’s global enterprises face a particularly daunting challenge: getting the right people to the right global locations at the right time in full compliance. This challenge requires up-to-the-minute understanding of the world’s legal complexities and the capabilities to deliver truly meaningful solutions.

For nearly four decades, we’ve worked to fulfill a larger mission than simply visa processing: to create and manage customized, strategic immigration programs. We embed knowledge, technology, and processes into all our work. And our multitude of services, when forged together and enriched with our consuming passion to provide a personal touch, deliver the unique experience that is BAL.

Here is what we can do for you.

  • Auditing

    BAL’s auditing expertise provides a granular perspective on immigration activity worldwide.
  • Business Visa Services

    BAL’s strategic insight and process expertise generate efficiency and ensure compliance in obtaining business visas.
  • Citizenship

    Becoming a citizen of another country is a big step for anyone; our Citizenship Services Team helps navigate the process.
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  • Comparative Country Analysis

    Immigration challenges sometimes are more about where to go than how to get there; our Comparative Country Analysis can help evaluate alternatives.
  • Consular Services

    We understand the precise requirements of embassies and consulates to make filings effective and efficient (and we’ll deliver them in person when necessary).
  • Consulting

    BAL creates effective and strategic programs informed by knowledge of your business as well as our immigration expertise.
  • Data Analytics

    Clients, and the work we do for them, generate vast amounts of global mobility data. We apply our technological
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  • Document Acquisition and Authentication Services

    Immigration actions demand paperwork, and BAL’s Document Services Team manages – and eases – this burden.
  • Employment Visas

    BAL has more than four decades of experience in employment visas. Clients benefit from our strategic insights, proven processes and technology, and our service-driven culture.
  • Forecasting

    BAL’s commitment to information technology, coupled with our experience, helps you in forecasting needs and budgets.
  • Government Strategies

    BAL helps clients understand, navigate, and influence immigration law and policy around the world.
  • Immigration Compliance Services

    Legal expertise, technology, and experience all come together to help ensure your immigration program complies with the letter of the law.
  • Immigration Outsourcing Services

    Sometimes, outsourcing programs makes the most sense; BAL can create, staff, and manage programs as needed.
  • Knowledge Management

    We are immigration experts; our Knowledge Management Department shares our expertise with you.
  • Management Reporting

    Tracking and metrics are essential to a successful global immigration program; we offer robust, customizable management reporting.
  • Passport Services

    The individual passport is the fundamental prerequisite of global mobility; BAL’s Passport Services Team handles any and all passport needs of your people.
  • Permanent Residency Services

    We provide expertise and strategies for pursuing permanent residency worldwide.
  • Program and Policy Services

    BAL has the tools and capabilities to optimize your program for today and the future.
  • Sports and Entertainment Visas

    BAL is a world leader in representing professional athletes and entertainers in global immigration matters. We offer clients the
  • Strategic Planning

    Strategy and insight drive every BAL relationship with a goal to generate better programs and outcomes for our clients.
  • Technology Solutions

    BAL has embraced information technology to make immigration processing more efficient and immigration programs more effective. We have built
  • Temporary Workforce Solutions (H-2)

  • Training

    We provide training to help your team accomplish its strategic immigration goals, to maximize compliance, and to minimize operational risk.