‘Culture of Collaboration’ Propels BAL to #1 on AmLaw’s Diversity Ranking

Dallas, May 29, 2020 – Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP (BAL) has earned the title of the most diverse law firm in the country. The powerhouse in immigration law landed the #1 spot on The American Lawyer’s 2020 Diversity Scorecard, the industry’s preeminent ranking of racial diversity in the legal field.

“Among our many accolades, it is especially rewarding to lead the legal industry in diversity,” said BAL Senior Partner Frieda Garcia, who manages the firm’s West Coast operations. “As a global immigration firm, we represent clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures worldwide. We are extremely proud that our firm reflects that diversity which strengthens our connections to our clients and our communities.”

Half of BAL’s 169 attorneys identify as people of color, and diversity is integral to the firm’s leadership—23% of BAL partners are racial minorities.

What is the key to BAL’s success?

“We cultivate a collaborative workplace at every level of the firm,” said Jeremy Fudge, BAL’s Managing Partner. “Our strength is our diversity, because different viewpoints, fresh ideas, new ways of communicating, unique approaches to problem-solving, are continually injected into the collaborative process. Our teams thrive, we are stronger as a firm, and we are better able to serve our clients.”

This culture of collaboration is instrumental to the firm’s success in creating and nurturing a diverse law firm and serves as a model for the many law firms that struggle to recruit and retain minority attorneys. BAL’s diversity not only earns the firm consistent recognition and awards, it empowers BAL’s mission to make a positive difference on a global scale, one client at a time.

“Our attorneys are the best and the brightest in the immigration field, serving the best and the brightest individuals from every corner of the globe,” said Rob Caballero, Managing Partner of BAL’s Houston and Austin operations. “Through our diversity, we are powering human achievement around the world.”