The Home Office recently exempted certain senior executives traveling to the U.K. from quarantine requirements.

Key Points:

  • Two categories of senior executives traveling from amber- and red-list countries can temporarily leave quarantine if they are carrying out activities of “significant economic benefit” to the U.K.
    • Multinational executives. This group includes executives working for a multinational business based in another country who are visiting U.K. branches or subsidiaries.
    • International executives. This group includes executives working for a company based in another country who are seeking to invest in a U.K.-based business or establish a new business within the country.
  • Senior executives must complete a Business, Jobs and Investment Exemption Notification form and send it to before travel. A letter should be received within five business days approving the exemption or requesting for additional information. If approved, the letter must be shown to Border Force officers when entering the U.K.
  • More information and specific guidance on eligible business activities can be found here.

Additional Information: Foreign national senior executives will not qualify for the exemption if their activities can be completed remotely or by someone not required to quarantine, including those traveling from green-listed countries. All other entry requirements remain in place for senior executives traveling to the U.K.

“Significant economic benefit” is defined as having greater that a 50% chance of creating or preserving at least 500 U.K.-based jobs in an existing or new U.K.-based business.

BAL Analysis: The new exemption policy enables senior executives to carry out business activities without having to stay in quarantine. BAL is able to assist individuals who may qualify for the quarantine exemption.

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