Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada unveiled a plan Wednesday to accept more than 1 million immigrants in the next three years, increasing target levels set last year.

New projected admissions levels for 2019, 2020 and 2021 were included in IRCC’s 2018 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, which was released Wednesday. Canada accepted more than 286,000 permanent residents in 2017 and continues to accept a high number of immigrants this year.

“Immigrants and their descendants have made immeasurable contributions to Canada, and our future success depends on continuing to ensure they are welcomed and well-integrated,” Canada’s minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, said in a statement prefacing the report. “Today, Canada faces new challenges such as an ageing population and declining birth rate, and immigrants have helped address these by contributing to Canada’s labour force growth.”

IRCC set goals of accepting 330,800 new immigrants in 2019, 341,000 in 2020 and 350,000 in 2021. The 2019 and 2020 targets were up slightly from the targets IRCC set at this time last year.

Projected Admissions Ranges:

Category   2019 2020 2021
Federal Economic, Provincial/Territorial Nominees 142,500-176,000 149,500-172,500 157,500-178,500
Quebec-selected Skilled Workers and Business* To be determined To be determined To be determined
Family Reunification 83,000-98,000 84,000-102,000 84,000-102,000
Refugees, Protected Persons, Humanitarian and Other 43,000-58,500 47,000-61,500 48,500-64,500

*To be set after additional consultation with the Government of Quebec.

Analysis & Comments: The projections show that Canada remains committed to welcoming a high number of immigrants, including economic immigrants. The full IRCC report to parliament on immigration is available here.

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