The Swiss government has set work permit quotas for 2023, leaving them unchanged for EU/EFTA, non-EU/EFTA and U.K. nationals.

Quotas for 2023 will be set as follows:

Permit Type: EU/EFTA: Non-EU/EFTA (excluding U.K.): U.K. nationals:
B Permits 500 4,500 2,100
L Permits 3,000 4,000 1,400

Additional Information: Foreign nationals can apply for L permits if they are staying in Switzerland temporarily for a specific purpose, generally for less than one year, and who may or may not be gainfully employed. B permits are issued to foreign nationals who are staying in Switzerland permanently for a specific purpose and who may or may not be gainfully employed. More information regarding these permits is available here.

Due to the withdrawal of the U.K. from the EU, the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and the U.K. has been in effect since Jan. 1, 2021. In order to enable companies in Switzerland to recruit skilled workers from the U.K., the Swiss Federal Council decided to keep separate quotas for employed U.K. nationals again in 2023. The Swiss government announced last week that it will set work permit quotas for Croatian nationals under Switzerland’s agreement with the EU on the free movement of people.

BAL Analysis: After increasing the quotas in 2019 to address labor shortages and respond to business demands for greater access to skilled workers, Swiss officials have decided to keep the same quotas for EU/EFTA and non-EU/EFTA nationals for the fourth year in a row.

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