The South Korean government has announced that all visa-waiver travelers are required to apply for Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) when entering Jeju Island.

Key Points:

  • From Sept. 1, foreign nationals from visa waiver countries are required to obtain K-ETA before traveling to Jeju Island. This K-ETA requirement for entry into Jeju Island applies in addition to the existing K-ETA requirement for entry into mainland South Korea. Previously, travelers were not required to have K-ETA to enter Jeju Island.
  • As of Sept. 1, 104 visa-waiver countries’ nationals can enter South Korea (including Jeju Island) on visa waiver status after obtaining K-ETA. Nationals of eight countries whose visa-waiver privileges are suspended cannot enter South Kore (including Jeju Island) on visa-waiver status and cannot obtain K-ETA (unless allowed by temporary exceptions).
  • Travelers from countries that are not included in the visa waiver program do no need to obtain K-ETA but must obtain entry visas before traveling to Jeju Island.
  • Foreign nationals can apply for K-ETA through this website.

Additional Information: South Korean authorities implemented the K-ETA requirement for Jeju Island because of an increase in number of foreign nationals who were denied K-ETA and traveled to the island before transiting to mainland South Korea. Eligible visa-waiver nationals can travel without a visa under K-ETA for tourism, visiting relatives or to participate in events, meetings or other non-profitable business activities. More information regarding the K-ETA program is available here.

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