What is the change? Nigeria has switched to a new e-yellow card system for international travelers who need to show proof that they have been vaccinated against yellow fever.

What does the change mean? Travelers may apply for an e-yellow card online. Yellow cards issued under the old system may no longer be accepted for travel out of Nigeria. Those holding proof of yellow fever vaccines issued in another country are not affected.

  • Implementation time frame: Ongoing.
  • Who is affected: The change affects anyone applying for a yellow card in Nigeria or who holds a yellow card issued under the old system who is planning travel out of Nigeria.
  • Business impact: Employers may wish to inform employees who travel abroad of the new requirement.  
  • Next steps: Travelers may submit an application for an e-yellow card on this government website.

Background: Travel out of Nigeria or other countries in the yellow fever belt usually requires proof of a yellow fever vaccination. Nigeria recently launched its e-yellow card system, in part to curtail the prevalence of fake yellow cards currently in circulation. The country stopped accepting manual yellow cards issued under the old system April 1. E-yellow cards are issued after completion of the online application and payment of 2,000 Nigerian naira (about US$5.55).

Analysis & Comments: Those planning travel out of Nigeria are urged to make sure their proof of a yellow fever vaccination is up to date. Anyone with a yellow card issued under Nigeria’s old system should be sure to apply for an e-yellow card in advance of travel. Those who fail to do so risk travel delays or possible fines when attempting to leave Nigeria.

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