What is the change? Ecuador’s Constitutional Court has temporarily suspended rules that tightened entry requirements for Venezuelan nationals.

What does the change mean? Venezuelan nationals can now enter Ecuador on the basis of a Venezuelan identification card if their passport has expired or is valid for less than six months. Venezuelan nationals are also not required, at this time, to present an apostilled criminal clearance certificate upon entering Ecuador. Venezuelan nationals are required, however, to provide an apostilled criminal clearance certificate when applying for a work visa.

  • Implementation time frame: 
  • Who is affected: Venezuelan nationals traveling to Ecuador.
  • Visas/ permits affected: T-3 stamps, tourism visas, work visas.

Background: A number of Latin American countries have changed immigration and travel rules for Venezuelan nationals amid Venezuela’s ongoing political and economic crisis. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued new rules for Venezuelan nationals entering Ecuador in February. The Constitutional Court subsequently issued a resolution to temporarily suspend the rules, including the requirement that an apostilled criminal clearance certificate be presented upon entry.

Analysis & Comments: While the Constitutional Court’s actions will ease entry requirements for some Venezuelan nationals, it is important to note that it has not changed work visa procedures. Venezuelan nationals are still required to provide an apostilled criminal clearance certificate when applying for work visas.

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