What is the change? The Ecuadorean government modified parts of the Mobility Law in August, including removal of the requirement that foreign travelers with a T-3 Stamp obtain health insurance in Ecuador.

What does the change mean? Business visitors and tourists who obtain a T-3 Stamp on arrival no longer need to obtain health insurance in Ecuador. Business visitors from visa-waivered countries must obtain a T-3 Stamp on arrival if staying 90 days or less. If staying longer than 90 days, foreign nationals must apply for and obtain a T-3 Extension for an additional 90 days.

  • Implementation time frame: Ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: T-3 Stamps.
  • Business impact: The change removes a requirement for business travelers, making it easier to travel to Ecuador for business.

Background: Ecuador began checking for proof of health insurance from foreign nationals entering the country this summer. While officials have waived this requirement for travelers with a T-3 stamp, it is still in place for anyone applying for work authorization or permanent or temporary residence. After receiving their visa, work visa recipients have 30 days to present a certificate of health insurance with coverage in Ecuador.

Analysis & Comments: By removing the requirement, Ecuador has made it easier for business travelers to visit the country as they no longer need to obtain health insurance in Ecuador upon arrival.

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