What is the change? Kazakhstan will introduce new government fees for employers seeking permission to hire foreign workers.

What does the change mean? The fees take effect Jan. 1 and vary depending on the industry and category of foreign worker.

  • Implementation time frame: Jan. 1.
  • Visas/permits affected: Work permits.
  • Who is affected: Employers in Kazakhstan applying for or renewing permission to hire foreign workers.
  • Business impact: The new government fees add a new cost that businesses need to budget for when engaging foreign labor.
  • Next steps: Beginning Jan. 1, the fees must be paid within 10 days of the issuance or extension of the permission to engage foreign workers.

Background: Employers seeking to recruit foreign workers will be subject to the following government fees based on the business sector and category of foreign worker. 

Business Activity 1st Category Company heads 2nd Category Department heads 3rd Category Specialists  (Engineers, managers, etc.) 4th Category Skilled workers (Technicians, mechanics, etc.)
Professional, science, engineering, information and communications, education, health care, finance, transportation, waste disposal, agriculture, utilities supply, arts, etc. 310,853 Kazakhstani Tenge

(about US$922)

358,402 KZT

(about US $1,064)

406,151 KZT

(about US $1,205)

453,800 KZT

(about US $1,347)

Mining, quarrying, wholesale and retail, auto repair  

349, 426 KZT

(about US $ 1,037)


403,882 KZT

(about US $1,198)


458,338 KZT

(about US$ 1,360)


510,525 KZT

(about US$ 1,515)


387,999 KZT

(about US $1,151)


449,262 KZT

(about US $ 1,333)


508,256 KZT

(about US$1,508)


567,250 KZT

(about US$ 1,683)

Seasonal work 54,456 KZT

(about US$ 162)


BAL Analysis: Companies that employ foreign workers and that plan to seek permission to recruit foreign labor should budget for the new government fees.

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