Starting in mid-September, Canadians applying for TN and L-1 status for the first time may receive faster processing at designated ports of entry set up by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Fourteen ports of entry, including four pre-clearance stations along the Canadian border, have been designated to handle the large volume of TN and L-1 applicants. Applicants are not required to process at these locations, but CBP is steering them to those posts for purposes of streamlining processing.

Trade NAFTA (TN) visas are available to Canadian and Mexican citizens in eligible professions in medical, scientific, teaching and other fields under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Canadian citizens may apply for admission by a CBP officer at a port of entry. L-1 intracompany visas allow a U.S. employer to transfer a manager, executive or specialized-knowledge employee from an overseas affiliate to a U.S. branch or to establish a U.S. branch.

The pre-clearance inspection locations and designated ports of entry for first-time TN and L-1 applicants are:

Alberta Calgary International Airport, Calgary
British Columbia Vancouver International Airport, Richmond
Ontario Pearson International Airport, Toronto
Quebec Trudeau International Airport, Dorval


MICHIGAN ·         Detroit-Canada Tunnel Port of Entry, Detroit

·         Detroit Ambassador Bridge Port of Entry, Detroit

MONTANA ·         Sweetgrass Port of Entry, Sweetgrass
NEW YORK ·         Alexandria Bay Port of Entry, Alexandria

·         Peace Bridge Port of Entry, Buffalo

·         Rainbow Bridge Port of Entry, Niagara Falls

·         Champlain Port of Entry, Champlain

VERMONT ·         Highgate Springs Port of Entry, Highgate Springs

·         Derby Line Port of Entry, Derby Line

WASHINGTON ·         Blaine Peace Arch Port of Entry, Blaine

BAL Analysis: While first-time Canadian TN and L-1 applicants may process at any port of entry, CBP is promising “optimized” processing at the 14 designated ports. We hope that, along with greater efficiency, optimization will mean the stationing of officers trained in TN and L-1 adjudication.

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