The province of Quebec will begin accepting applications April 22 for a permanent residence pilot program for workers in artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT) and visual effects (VFX).

Key Points:

  • The program targets professionals in AI, IT and VFX who are currently working in Quebec or with a valid job offer from an employer in Quebec.
  • The program will run until Jan. 1, 2026. In 2021, Quebec will accept 600 workers divided between the AI and IT/VFX sectors. Beginning in 2022, officials will accept 550 workers per year divided between the two sectors.
  • The program has two designated streams, one for French-speakers and one for non-French speakers who are willing to learn French.
  • “French-learning” applicants will be required to provide proof of their plans to become competent in French in order to apply to the program. This is the only permanent residence program aimed at non-French speaking immigrants in Quebec.
  • The application period runs from April 22, 2021, until Oct. 31, 2021; however, we anticipate the program will be oversubscribed shortly after the launch.

Background: The pilot program is one of three immigration programs Quebec is preparing to launch. A program for workers in food processing will launch March 24, and one for those working as nurses’ aides and orderlies will open March 31.

Analysis & Comments: Application spaces are very limited and there is significant client interest in the program for AI, IT and VFX workers. We are working with clients to prepare the supporting documentation required to initiate an application immediately on the opening day. Please contact your Deloitte or de Lint LLP representative for application assistance.

This alert was prepared by de Lint LLP, an independent immigration law firm, allied with Deloitte LLP in Canada.