What is the news? Canada has released a budget plan that would make the Global Talent Stream permanent.

  • Business impact: The continuation of the program would offer significant benefit to designated employers who rely on high-skilled foreign workers.
  • Next Steps: The Canadian Parliament will vote on the budget and will release more information on the Global Talent Stream program following the vote.

Background: On June 12, 2017, Canada launched its Global Skills Strategy, a three-pronged plan to attract high-skilled foreign talent by providing a faster and more predictable process for qualifying companies and employees. The plan introduced short-term work permit exemptions and two-week work permit processing, and launched the two-year pilot of the Global Talent Stream program.

What is the Global Talent Stream program? The Global Talent Stream simplifies the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process. Eligible companies are able to present a Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP) demonstrating how they will generate job growth and promote skills training of Canadian workers instead of going through the lengthy LMIA recruitment procedures. While the pilot program is set to conclude in 2019, the recent budget proposal plans to “build on the success of the Global Talent Stream pilot” and make it a permanent program.

Analysis & Comments: The expected continuation of the Global Talent Stream program is good news for companies that are already eligible and benefiting from the pilot program. More information regarding the permanency of the program will be available after parliament approves the budget.

This alert was prepared by Garson LLP, an independent law firm, allied with Deloitte LLP in Canada.