What is the change? Thailand has made changes to the form that foreign nationals must complete when applying for visa extensions, 90-day reports or re-entry permits.

What does the change mean? The new form requires applicants to provide some additional information, including blood type, allergies, most recent date of entry, port of entry, and a hospital in Thailand where the applicant can be treated. Applicants will no longer be asked to provide a photo or information about their parents or their address in their home country. The change applies to both Board of Investment and non-Board of Investment applicants.

  • Implementation time frame:Immediate and ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: Visa extensions, 90-day reports, re-entry permits.
  • Who is affected: Foreign nationals applying for any of the visas or permits listed above.
  • Impact on processing times: No significant impact, though the visa application process could be slowed if applicants do not have the required information available at the time of application.

Background: The new forms are designed at least in part to provide the government with information that may be useful in case of an emergency. Besides the changes listed above, the government has changed the application process such that bank account information is in the “For Official Only” section of the form. This has been done, officials say, so that the information can be kept confidential between the applicant and the officer handling the application. Bank account information is only required, at this point, for visa extensions, not 90-day reports or re-entry permits.

BAL Analysis: In order to avoid unnecessary delays, applicants should be sure they have all information required by the new forms when they submit applications for visa extensions, 90-day reports or re-entry permits.

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