What is the change? Danish authorities are requiring employers using the Pay-limit and Fast-track schemes to include a sworn declaration on payment of salary when submitting applications.

What does the change mean? Employers using the Pay-limit and Fast-track schemes are required to submit the declarations, which ask them to confirm that employees will be paid according to minimum salary standards and to check a box stating that salaries “up to and including the minimum amount” will be paid into a Danish bank account.

  • Implementation time frame: Immediate and ongoing. The change was implemented July 1.  
  • Visas/permits affected: New work permit applications under the Pay Limit and Fast-track schemes filed on or after July 1 and extension cases for work permits granted under the new requirements. Extension applications for work permits that were approved under the old rules will not be affected.
  • Who is affected: Companies hiring foreign workers under the Pay Limit or Fast-track schemes.
  • Impact on processing times: Applications submitted without the declaration may be delayed.
  • Business impact: The change adds a new administrative requirement for employers using the Pay-limit and Fast-track schemes.

Background: The gross minimum salary for foreign workers under the Pay Limit or Fast-track schemes is currently 34,067 kroner (about US$5,220) per months (408,800 kroner per year). Under a law that took effect July 1, employer-paid housing, transportation or other employee benefits cannot be counted when calculating the base yearly minimum salary. The minimum gross salary must be paid into a Danish bank account, but any pay above the minimum may be paid into a foreign account. The new forms ask employers to confirm that minimum salary requirements will be met and that pay up to and including the salary minimum will be paid into a Danish account.

BAL Analysis: Employers should be sure to include the declarations when completing first-time applications submitted under the Pay-limit and Fast-track schemes. The declarations are only required in renewal applications for work permits initially granted under the new regulation, not those granted before July 1.

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