What is the change? Ghanaian authorities have said they will limit visit visa validity for first-time applicants to three months.

What does the change mean? First-time visa applicants will be granted visas with a three-month validity period. Those applying for multiple-entry visas valid for six to 12 months will be required to provide a scan of their previous visa. If the previous visa is not in the applicant’s current passport, he or she must also provide a scan of the biodata page of the previous passport that contains the visa.

  • Implementation time frame: Immediate and ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: Visit visas.
  • Who is affected: Visa-required nationals traveling to Ghana for business or tourism.
  • Business impact: The rule will limit the amount of time first-time visa applicants may stay in Ghana on business to three months.

Background: The rule, which has existed for some time, has been largely overlooked. In January, however, Ghanaian missions around the world began implementing the new requirement. BAL has confirmed with the Legal and Consular Bureau of the Ghanaian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration that a directive was sent to Ghanaian missions around the world instructing them to adhere to a three-month cap for first-time applicants.

BAL Analysis: First-time visa applicants should take note that their Ghanaian visit visa will only be valid for a stay of up to three months. Those who have received a Ghanaian visit visa in the past will be eligible for visas with longer validity periods, but must follow the steps outlined above in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

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