Priority dates for the employment-based second-preference (EB-2) for India will advance nearly five months to Jan. 22, 2009 (from Sept. 1, 2008). Also, in the EB-2 category, the priority date for China will advance moderately by approximately three month to Oct. 8, 2009 (from July 1, 2009). All other countries will remain current in the EB-2 category.

There are also significant movements in the employment-based third-preference (EB-3) categories. Priority dates in the EB-3 category for China will advance by approximately two years and will move forward by over one year for the Philippines. The priority cut-off date for EB-3 China will advance to Nov. 1, 2008 (from Oct. 1, 2006), but this advancement does not catch up to the previous six-year retrogression. EB-3 Philippines will advance to June 1, 2010 (from Jan. 1, 2009). The worldwide and Mexico EB-3 cut-off dates will remain at April 1, 2011. EB-3 for India will advance by only seven days to Nov. 8, 2003 (from Nov. 1, 2003).

The EB-1 category for all countries will remain current.

Summary of August 2014 Visa Bulletin Priority Date Cutoffs:

Category China India  Mexico Philippines All Other Areas
EB-1 Current Current Current Current Current
EB-2 08-OCT-09 22-JAN-09 Current Current Current
EB-3 01-NOV-08 08-NOV-03 01-APR-11 01-JUN-10 01-APR-11
Other Workers 22-JUL-05 08-NOV-03 01-APR-11 01-JUN-10 01-APR-11

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