Dallas (Mar. 2, 2023) — BAL is honored to be named a Most Innovative Company by iconic media institution, Fast Company. BAL is ranked fifth most innovative global business services company thanks to a relentless focus on exceptional client services, a unique business model and the use of proprietary technology that transforms the practice of immigration law.

How did a law firm secure a spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list? “By constantly asking how can we do this better, faster, more efficiently, with greater quality, service, expertise and technology” said BAL’s CEO, Jeremy Fudge. “We’re in the business of helping companies secure the right talent to change the world, and constant innovation is the key to our mission.”

BAL’s Pursue the Exceptional mantra permeates throughout the firm from supporting our people to legal services to technology and business operations. “We are intentionally structured as one team, one brand, one P&L, one standard of excellence and one unifying technology” said Managing Partner, Frieda Garcia. “This unified, team first approach incentivizes us to collaborate and innovate to better serve our people and our clients.”

For more than 25 years, BAL has consistently evolved our technology to transform the practice of immigration law. “We’re passionate about harnessing the limitless power of technology to innovate immigration and the business as a whole,” said Chief Information Officer, Jason Chancellor. Powered by our technology teams, BAL transformed the legal tech industry by creating Cobalt®, a proprietary case management platform. The first to use AI and machine learning in the management of immigration cases, Cobalt® has empowered the immigration journey of nearly 2 million people. The ever-evolving system allows BAL legal teams to operate seamlessly, provides clients 24/7 case monitoring, analytics, benchmarking, and crucial, up-to-the-minute immigration intel.

About BAL
BAL powers human achievement through immigration expertise, people centered client services and innovative technology. Established in 1980, BAL has consistently provided immigration expertise, people-centered client services and leading technology innovation.

Media Contact:
Emily Albrecht
Senior Director — Marketing & Communications