Ultimately, a successful immigration program will address your immediate business needs as well as help you achieve your long-term goals and strategies. BAL’s approach to this dual purpose is a programmatic one, and our Client Services Department develops and deploys strategic programs and works to create valuable partnerships with our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to go well beyond immigration processing and provide best-in-class support that optimizes every corporate immigration program. This may include strategic guidance in benchmarking, and it will certainly include establishing polices or guidelines in a fully comprehensible and compliant matter.

Optimization & Support

We can review your current processes with a view toward eliminating inefficiencies, documenting processes and controls, and identifying and defining roles and responsibilities. Based upon our knowledge of industry standards, emerging trends, and your current business processes, we are strategically positioned to assist the development of your workforce and provide policy guidance along with overall global mobility management. Ultimately, we supply you with the tools and support to optimize your existing program and ensure it will keep pace with the future.

When you become a BAL client, you become a client of the entire firm, which means you have access to every function and every resource in every BAL office. And we approach your needs in the same holistic way, drawing on the capabilities you need, wherever they happen to be physically situated. We are, in the best sense of the term, “client-driven.” We work collaboratively and seamlessly to help you and your people.

Sample offerings of Program and Policy Services include:

-New Client Transition and Implementation Program Management
-Corporate Immigration Policy and Compliance Review and Development
-Internal Immigration Process and Procedures Development
-Immigration Program Management Assistance
-Management Reporting