BAL provides start-to-finish expertise for pursuing permanent residency nearly anywhere in the world. For nearly four decades, our Permanent Residence Services Team has built programs that combine expertise and technology to keep every party fully informed in a clear and compliant manner. For our clients, we provide speed and efficiency; for residency seekers, we make the complex process as simple as possible. We have automated the process to the extent possible, but for every case, we assess and strategize at the outset to determine the best and most efficient route to success. We anticipate likely sources of delays or hurdles and fully inform applicants of their future obligations, restrictions, and options.

Establishing permanent residency in certain countries can be a challenge. We ease the bureaucratic complexities through our process and expertise. We lessen the emotional challenges by being empathic, caring, and service-oriented. We get to know our clients professionally and personally, and this is a tremendous asset in making a stressful process a little less taxing. It’s our responsibility to secure a successful outcome, and we do everything in our collective power to ensure we get the job done.