We are experts in obtaining all of the various employment visas for virtually every country in the world – after all, it’s been one of our core services for nearly four decades. In today’s world, successfully obtaining the right employment visa is almost a given. But BAL’s approach is differentiated by our proven processes, quality controls, proprietary technology, strategic thinking, and service core.

Proven Processes

Led by our Knowledge Management Department, our teams work from specific and proprietary process flows that incorporate the latest legal requirements and most efficient means of obtaining the particular employment visa. This allows us to provide end-to-end service from initiation to completion. Because we are operating as one unified firm, our templates, materials, reports, emails to your employees, and operating procedures are consistent in their appearance and function. We build your preferences into relevant workflows and then provide that road map at the onset of each case for complete transparency. We make sure your employee has an identical experience no matter which BAL office he or she happens to be working with.

All of our work is reported real-time through our proprietary web-based technology and is easily tracked via Service Level Agreements and other metrics. We then continually assess the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes to minimize waste, duplicative efforts, and redundant document requests.

Quality Controls

Our entire organization operates on the highest standards of process and quality excellence and on the principle of continuous improvement. As such, virtually every aspect of our services is aligned to achieve and assure quality. We maintain our quality standards through our Practice Management and Knowledge Management Departments and through ongoing internal instruction, scheduled reviews of systems and work product, and interdepartmental project teams that focus on improving processes.

We also support our processes and uphold quality with advanced and innovative technologies, such as BALPointTM, our document management system, and DocGenTM, a next-generation proprietary technology for preparing applications and eliminating clerical errors.

Proprietary Technology

Cobalt® is our proprietary software that processes and retains personal data for employees involved in immigration-related matters. It also provides around-the-clock visibility on the status of your cases as they move through the immigration process in real-time. The system is fully customizable: the dashboard, fields, smart questionnaires, menus, and reports. Cobalt also eases privacy concerns with secure messaging, which allows you to send and receive personal confidential information through a secure email interface, including messages, documents, forms, and other sensitive information.

Cobalt also facilitates easy filtering and analysis with a comprehensive reporting module; allows you to determine the decision points within a workflow that match your internal processes; links to HRIS; uses single sign-on, eliminating the need for your employees to remember multiple passwords; adjusts to meet international preferences, such as date formats; enables on-the-go access and use via smart phone; maintains privacy compliance with Safe Harbor certification and uses geographically separate data centers (SSAE 16) for full disaster recovery.

Strategic Thinking

Generally, there are multiple approaches to the task of obtaining a work visa or permanent residency for an employee. While many firms simply default to the most common or easiest path, we strategically consider all the facts of each case to find the best solution. This often results in significant short- and long-term time and cost savings for your company and provides a better experience for your employee.

Service Core

BAL’s mission is to provide an immigration experience that makes a positive difference in peoples’ lives, and we seek to live that mission each and every day. We aggressively build the foundation of our service internally: our “Seven Keys to an Exceptional Client Experience” are posted throughout every BAL office and are studied weekly by every employee through dedicated Service Moments.

We measure your employees’ satisfaction on every case through an online survey, which guides our continual evolution as a firm and enables us to recognize our own professionals for exceptional service. Our attorneys and managers are available 24/7 to support you and your employees’ needs.