Immigration inevitably requires documents. Obtaining these documents and ensuring they meet a consulate’s requirements for authentication can be a big challenge, and this is the specialty of BAL’s Document Services Team, part of our Consular Services Department. Collectively, our Document Services Team has decades of relevant experience to help our clients identify the right documents and process the right authentications in the most efficient manner.

BAL’s Document Services Team helps our clients obtain all supporting documents from their original sources, including court records; police clearance certificates; birth, adoption, or custody certificates; marriage records; and medical records. We take this burden off your employees and do the legwork for them.

Once the document is in hand, we then take care of getting the requisite translation as well as apostille, legalization, and/or notarization services, depending on the consulate’s particular preferences. The integration of document acquisition and authentication into our overall process saves significant time and energy, allowing you and your mobile employees to focus on your work.