The most effective immigration results come from strategically designed and well-executed programs. BAL is, first and foremost, a firm with the experience and expertise to design exceptional strategies and build great programs. BAL Consulting was conceived to meet the evolving needs and demands confronting global mobility professionals, HR professionals, and the organizations they support with a much more consultative approach. 

Through dedicated consultants and cross-functional project management, we help you become much more proactive in your mobilization decisions. We enable you to focus on the big picture approach to your populations and take advantage of a comprehensive platform to make more informed decisions regarding hiring and mobilization. The result is a highly strategic and bespoke approach to immigration that focuses on every aspect of your program including recruiting, workforce planning, human resources policy and guidance, global mobility, technology, and government relations.

Strategic Planning

Customized programs begin with a comprehensive strategic planning process to develop bespoke immigration and mobility programs that address your needs in a dynamic and frequently volatile global marketplace. Typically, this includes, but is by no means limited to, the following services:

-Current-state global workforce compliance evaluation
-Risk identification and resolution planning
-Policy and process analysis, development, and implementation
-Talent identification strategies; recruiting process evaluation and consultation
-Change management
-Real-time global immigration policy monitoring and impact assessments
-Workforce forecasting and cost projections
-RFP/RFI consultations and support
-Service model analysis (in-house vs. outsourced)


Even the most agile of companies can find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place when seeking to rapidly deploy resources to foreign countries. Knowing who is available, how quickly they can be deployed, and the steps needed to set the entire process in motion can be challenging – along with the task of ensuring that all concerned parties have the same expectations about timing and cost. BAL Consulting will help any organization develop a comprehensive mobilization strategy that creates and fosters an environment of collaboration and communication among many functions including mobility, talent identification and recruiting, management and government relations, human resources, tax, and many more.

Successful mobilization programs must also deal with many other issues including permanent residency establishment and tax equalization payments, post-arrival immigration registrations, delivery of household goods shipments, and tracking of time spent in-country. BAL Consulting will work with your company and network of providers to ensure the policies, procedures, and resources we develop fit your needs and give you the flexibility you need without compromising corporate governance.

Evaluation and Assessment

It’s essential to understand the details, scope, and future needs of your mobility program. BAL Consulting provides a suite of sophisticated technological tools that provide leadership and decision-makers at all levels of your organization with the information needed to assess the efficacy of policies, the ROI for their expenditures, and forecasting tools to supplement budgeting and hiring plans.

BAL Consulting also provides industry benchmarking services, giving companies insight into what others in their field are doing to adapt to the increasingly complex and challenging immigration policies of foreign governments. We also leverage our industry-leading team of immigration policy analysts to help clients assess the impact of legal changes, shifts in diplomatic relationships, and global affairs in real-time. Decisions that have historically been made without good data can be made using predictive and descriptive analytics as well as system integration, reducing costs, eliminating guesswork, and greatly enhancing the level of company compliance worldwide, including in historically difficult emerging markets. No other immigration consulting firm can provide organizations with the latest information on policy changes from around the world with in-depth analysis of how it impacts their global population like BAL Consulting.