The BAL Business Visa Team, part of our Consular Services Department, offers a full suite of services to meet the evolving needs of companies and their business travelers. For most clients, we begin from a strategic perspective. We help you understand compliance requirements. We create a process that will support your needs. We explore the use of technology to increase efficiency. Our goal is to create a more compliant and less onerous business traveler program than traditional models.

Start to Finish

Once your program is properly constructed, our Business Visa Team starts to execute individual visa applications. We confirm requirements, procure the right documents, and prepare the application forms for your employees, rather than putting that burden on them. On your behalf, we request the legally correct visa for the purpose and duration of the trip and coordinate all required letters (including government invitations and cablegrams). We often work directly with consular officials to understand their local requirements and to advocate for your needs. We track and follow up with everything, including return logistics as well as monitoring expiration dates and time limits.

Our goal is not to simply get the task done – it’s to deliver positive results, in the shortest possible time, and with the least amount of burden on the traveler, while ensuring your company remains in compliance at every step of the business visa process. We streamline the business visa process for the traveler and your company, and provide a supportive experience for your employees.