Thresholds for citizenship by investment lowered

3 Dec 18



What is the change? Turkey has made it easier to obtain citizenship by investment.

What does the change mean? Eligible foreign nationals can now obtain Turkish citizenship by investing US$500,000 (or the equivalent in Turkish lira) in fixed capital, a Turkish bank account, through the purchase of government stocks or bonds or by participating in a venture capital or real estate investment fund. Citizenship is also available to foreign nationals that generate employment for at least 50 Turkish nationals or invest at least US$250,000 in Turkish real estate.

  • Implementation time frame: Immediate and ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: Turkish citizenship.
  • Who is affected: Foreign nationals interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship who are able to meet the investment thresholds outlined above.

Background: Turkey recently lowered the investment thresholds required for obtaining citizenship as follows:

Type of Investment Old Threshold New Threshold
Fixed Capital US $2 million US $500,000
Real Estate US $1 million US $250,000
Employment of Turkish nationals 100 people 50 people
Bank Deposit US $3 million US $500,000
Government Stocks/Bonds US $3 million US $500,000
Venture Capital/Real Estate Investment Fund N/A US $500,000

Investments can be made in U.S. dollars or the equivalent in Turkish lira. Potential applicants should note that they will be required to commit to making/holding investments for at least three years.

Analysis & Comments: Officials hope the lower thresholds will help increase interest in the citizenship program and spur foreign investment in Turkey.

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