Highly Qualified Specialist salary reports due Oct 31

6 Oct 22


Reports on the salaries paid to highly qualified specialists (HQS) during the third quarter of 2022 (July 1 through Sept. 30) must be submitted by Oct. 31.

 Key Points:

  • Salary reports must be submitted in person or mailed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs on or before Oct. 31.
  • Reported salaries should not be less than the minimum HQS level (in standard conditions) of 167,000 RUB per calendar month or 501,000 RUB per quarter.
  • Violations of the established notification procedures can result in fines for the employer.

BAL Analysis: Companies should ensure that they submit their quarterly reports on time and that the salaries comply with wage thresholds for HQS workers. Failing to pay the minimum salary established for HQS employees can result in a company being banned from employing new HQS employees for two years.

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