Oil, gas, energy companies must register through online portal

5 Mar 14



What is the change? The Immigration Department has launched an online portal to register and monitor companies, starting with the energy sector.

What does the change mean? Oil, gas and energy companies must register through the portal, which is called the Expatriate Services Division (ESD). Companies will then be able to file Employment Pass applications online.

  • Implementation timeframe: March 10.
  • Visas/permits affected: Employment passes.
  • Who is affected: Companies in the oil, gas and energy sector.
  • Impact on processing times: The program is designed to improve processing times. However, there may be delays during the initial roll-out period.
  • Business impact: Companies in the targeted sectors will be subject to new procedures and possibly stronger monitoring.
  • Next steps: Contact your BAL attorney to prepare for registration.

Background: The Expatriate Services Division will require registration before companies can apply for any Employment Pass applications. At this time, the ESD is only being rolled out to oil, gas and energy sector companies.

Companies will have to identify representatives who will be responsible for logging into the portal. Only authorized representatives will be allowed to apply on the company’s behalf. Companies will have to fill in all information requested, and the Immigration Department may ask the company to give a presentation about the company. The Immigration Department may also conduct an on-site inspection of company premises. Only when the Immigration Department is satisfied will it issue a password for ESD access. At that point, companies can submit Employment Pass applications to the Immigration Department. The portal will also provide access to services regarding other issues, such as transferring an Employment Pass endorsement to a new passport. It will also allow companies to book appointments online with ESD officers.

BAL Analysis: The online registration may reduce some wait times by allowing online booking of appointments. However, overall impact on processing times will not be fully known until the portal is in use. The initial registration process, including information requests and possible on-site investigations, may signal greater oversight by the Immigration Department.

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