New Visa Rule in Shanghai for Foreign Dependents of Some Overseas Workers

20 Aug 13


In Shanghai, a new rule places restrictions on foreign dependents of some overseas workers. Effective immediately, dependent family members of workers in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, as well as Chinese nationals residing overseas, will only be granted L visas for 90 days at a time. The 90-day rule applies no matter how long the principal holder’s residence permit is valid. Previously, dependents did not need to renew their residence permits until the principal holder’s was also expired. When the L visa expires, the visa holder must exit China and apply for a new single-entry, three-month L visa at the Chinese diplomatic post overseas and then enter China again. The L visa cannot be extended in China.

Specifically, the rule applies to:

  • Hong Kong nationals holding a Tong Xing Zheng.
  • Macau nationals holding a Tong Xing Zheng.
  • Overseas Chinese nationals holding Chinese passports and Permanent Resident Cards.
  • Taiwanese nationals holding a Tai Bao Zheng.

So far, the new rule only applies in Shanghai. It is unknown whether other cities will adopt the change. It is possible that regulations governing this situation may change again after Sept. 1, when the new Exit-Entry Law is scheduled to go into effect. The new law will implement changes to many visa types.

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