Travelers are being warned of two separate scams involving fraudulent websites.

The Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority is warning that a fake website posing as the border authority is fraudulently obtaining visitors’ visa reference numbers and passport/travel document numbers. The police have been notified and the ICA is working to have the fake website taken down. Travelers are being warned to make sure that they are using the official ICA website.

Australian authorities are warning about a website that is charging Australian citizens thousands of dollars for the visa waiver fee to visit the United States and putting travelers’ personal information at risk without providing the visa waiver. The Queensland Police is discouraging travelers from using third-party sites and advising that they only use the official U.S. government’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization registration site to apply for the visa waiver, which only costs US$14.

Analysis & Comments: Scams that target immigrants and international travelers have become quite common. Individuals should make sure that they are using official government websites and never submit to telephone calls or emails demanding payment. Suspicious emails, calls or websites should be reported to authorities.

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