The Singaporean government has announced that it will implement a series of changes to its work pass framework.

Employment Pass (EP) Processing: 

  • Beginning Sept. 1, 2022, employers must advertise jobs under the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) for 14 days instead of 28 days.
  • Singaporean authorities will process Employment Pass (EP) applications in two weeks instead of three weeks.

Longer work pass validity:

  • Beginning Sept 1, 2022, EP holders who have a fixed monthly salary of 10,500 SGD and work in technology occupations on the COMPASS Shortage Occupation List (SOL) will be eligible for a five-year EP instead of a two-to-three year EP.
  • Singaporean authorities expect to publish an updated SOL in March 2023; more information regarding the SOL is available here.

Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) pass:

  • Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, eligible foreign nationals will be able to apply for a five-year, renewable ONE pass to start and work for multiple companies at any point while living in the country. To be eligible, individuals must satisfy one of the below:
    • Have a monthly fixed income of at least 30,000 SGD if they are a current EP holder.
    • Show they have worked and established a company with a market cap of at least 500 million USD and an annual revenue of at least 200 million USD if they are an overseas applicant with no recent work history in Singapore.
    • Have outstanding achievements in art, sports, science or academia.
  • ONE pass holders will be exempt from the FCF job advertising requirements and the upcoming point-based Complementary Assessment Framework (COMPASS).
  • Spouses of ONE pass holders will have work authorization through Letter of Consent.

Job advertising exemptions:

  • Beginning Sept. 1, 2023, Singaporean authorities will increase the salary threshold from 20,000 SGD to 22,500 SGD for employers to be exempt from FCF job advertising.
  • Authorities will increase the current salary requirement for Personalized Employment Passes (PEPs) from 12,000 SGP for current EP holders and 18,000 SGP for overseas EP applicants to 22,500 SGP.

Additional Information: A factsheet including more information on the scheduled changes to the work pass framework is available here.

BAL Analysis: The Singaporean government is implementing the upcoming changes to its work pass framework to attract more highly skilled foreign nationals to live and work in the country. BAL will continue to monitor the implementation of the changes to the framework and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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