The Peruvian government recently published new provisions that created new permits, changed immigration procedures and updated processing times.

New Permits:

  • Temporal Migratory Card (CTM). This identification document is issued to foreign nationals with temporary immigration status so that they may obtain an extraordinary work permit and the special permit to sign documents.
  • Extraordinary Work Permit. This permit allows foreign nationals to work and earn income for up to 60 calendar days. Foreign nationals who hold training or religious immigration status may request such permits.

New Procedures:

  • For many immigration applications, individuals must submit a government-issued document proving that they do not have a criminal record in their country of origin or where they have resided for the previous five years.
  • For the renewal of Resident Worker Immigration Status of a dependent employee, applicants must submit an Income and Withholding’s report, Consultation of Contributions report and Withholdings of Workers report issued by the National Customs and Tax Administration Superintendence (SUNAT) for the last three months.
  • For the extension of Stay Authorization of Temporary Worker Immigration Status, applicants must submit an affidavit of being compliant to the requirements that were presented in the Application of Visa or in the In-Country Process Post Arrival of Change of Immigration Status.

Processing times:

  • The law reduces the government-mandated processing times for all in-country and consular visas from 60 days to 30 business days.
  • Authorities will process Permit to Sign Documents and evaluate procedures for the Extension of Immigration Status and Extension of Stay Authorization within five business days.
  • Authorities will process exit/re-entry permits within seven business days.

Additional Information: Immigration authorities will not issue a rejection or denial letter if an application is rejected. Authorization of stay outside the country for 30 days, Permit to Sign Documents and Extraordinary Work Permits will be automatically approved after the processing time has ended.

BAL Analysis: The changes outlined above are designed to simplify the immigration process, reduce administrative complications and streamline the entry process for foreign nationals.

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