What is the change? Finland has announced minimum salary threshold increases for work-based residence permits and EU Blue Cards.

What does the change mean? Effective Jan. 7, the minimum gross monthly salary for EU Blue Card applications is €4,732. The minimum gross monthly salary for new and renewal worker residence permit applications is now €1,211 unless a collective agreement exists, in which case the salary should correspond with the collective agreement.

  • Effective date: Jan. 7
  • Visas/permits affected: Residence permits, including EU Blue Card residence permits.
  • Who is affected: Employers and employees applying for new residence permits and EU Blue Cards.

Background: Most foreign nationals intending to stay in Finland for more than three months require a residence permit.

Work-based residence permits are issued to nonspecialists earning less than €3,000 per month while residence permits for special experts are issued to foreign specialists earning more than €3,000 a month. In some cases, applicants may be eligible to apply for a visiting consultant permit, intra-company transfer or EU Blue Card.

Finland’s immigration authorities announce salary threshold changes for the EU Blue Card and other work-based residence permits at the beginning of each year. While the salary threshold for special expert residence permits will remain the same, €3,000 per month, authorities have confirmed that per diems and other similar reimbursements of expenses can no longer constitute part of the income/salary requirement.

Analysis & Comments: Employers should factor in the new salary thresholds when planning their budgets.

Source: Deloitte LLP. Deloitte LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC303675 and its registered office at 1 New Street Square, London EC4A 3HQ, United Kingdom.