What is the change? Vietnam has extended its e-visa program to foreign nationals of 34 countries.

What does the change mean? Foreign nationals from 34 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Mexico and Switzerland, are now eligible for 30-day, single-entry e-visas to Vietnam. While tourist and business travel is allowed under the e-visa program, work activities are not.

  • Implementation time frame: Feb. 1.
  • Visas/permits affected: E-visa program
  • Who is affected: Nationals of 34 countries traveling to Vietnam for up to 30 days.
  • Business impact: Employers are reminded that stays of more than 30 days are not covered under the e-visa program; therefore, employees conducting business for more than 30 days must obtain the appropriate visa or permit before arriving in Vietnam.

Background: The e-visa program has been extended to nationals of 34 countries, along with Hong Kong and Macau passport holders, under Decree 17/2019. Nationals of the following countries are now eligible for the e-visa program, effective Feb. 1.

Newly Eligible Nationals – e-Visa program
Andorra Austria Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Croatia
Cyprus Estonia Fiji
Georgia Iceland Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania Macedonia
Malta Marshall Islands Mexico
Micronesia Moldova Monaco
Montenegro Nauru Palau
Papua New Guinea Portugal Qatar
San Marino Serbia Slovenia
Solomon Islands Switzerland Vanuatu
Western Samoa Hong Kong* Macau*

* China was previously included in the e-visa program, but not Hong Kong and Macau specifically.

Analysis & Comments: The e-visa program will ease travel procedures for nationals of 34 countries traveling to Vietnam for short-term stays. Travelers should note, however, that while the e-visa is typically appropriate for short-stay tourism and business activities, employees staying in Vietnam beyond 30 days or conducting work activities must apply for the applicable visa prior to entry.

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