What is the change? Employment and Social Development Canada has confirmed delays in processing Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requests due to a high number of applications.

What does the change mean? Applicants submitting Global Talent Stream, Permanent Residence Stream, High-Wage Stream and other applications may experience delays in receiving their final decision.

  • Effective time frame: Immediate and ongoing.
  • Applications affected: Global Talent, Agricultural, Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, In-home Caregiver, High-Wage and Low-Wage streams.
  • Who is affected: Employees and employers submitting applications that require an LMIA under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Current Processing Delays 

Application type Delay
Global Talent Stream 10 business days
Agricultural Stream 29 business days
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program 20 business days
Permanent Residence Stream 39 business days
In-home Caregivers 14 business days
High-Wage Stream 106 business days
Low-Wage Stream 102 business days

Analysis & Comments: Employers should note the processing delays and adjust business schedules accordingly. The government has requested that all employers ensure that applications are complete upon submission and that employers respond promptly to all Service Canada requests to avoid additional delays.

This alert was prepared by Garson LLP, an independent law firm, allied with Deloitte LLP in Canada.