What is the change? Federal authorities are now requiring that applicants seeking a police clearance certificate appear in person with the application from the foreign authority that is requesting the certificate.

What does the change mean? The new procedures and lack of notice are causing applicants to experience delays in obtaining the certificates.

  • Implementation time frame: Immediate and ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: Police clearance certificates.
  • Who is affected: Foreign nationals living in Mexico who are applying for visas to foreign countries and who must submit a police clearance certificate from the Mexican Federal Police as part of their application. Foreign nationals applying for Mexican citizenship are also required to submit a police clearance.
  • Business impact: The process of obtaining a police clearance will be delayed for expatriates who have resided in Mexico and have already left the country and are therefore unable to apply in person at the Federal Police station.
  • Next steps: Individuals who have already left Mexico and are unable to appear in person must go through a third party who must be a family member and seek assistance from the Mexican consulate in their current country of residence to facilitate the process.

Background: Police clearance certificates are often required when applying for visas or work permits to demonstrate that the individual has a clean criminal history. Previously, authorities were flexible in allowing applicants to send a representative with a simple power of attorney. The new policy reverts to an older policy requiring individuals to apply in person.

Analysis & Comments: Applicants in Mexico should prepare to appear in person to apply for police certificates before they plan to leave Mexico—for example, for a new assignment in another country where the certificate is required for their work permit. Individuals who are no longer in Mexico will need to contact the Mexican consulate in the relevant country to assist.

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