What is the change? Dalian has introduced “4 New Policies” aimed at easing processing and reducing barriers to foreign business travelers and expatriate workers.

Key changes:

  • Faster processing. Processing times will be cut for nine categories of high-level foreign professionals. Visas and temporary stay permits will processed in three business days (previously seven business days) and long-term resident permits will be processed in five business days (previously 15 business days).

The nine categories are:

  1. Foreign experts selected for the China or Liaoning Province high-level talent program or the high-level foreign expert program.
  2. Foreign experts who are issued an “Overseas Outstanding Expert Certificate” by the Dalian Labor Bureau.
  3. Foreign experts who are issued a “Xinghai Friendship Award” by the Dalian municipal government.
  4. Foreigners who are named an “Honorary Citizen of Dalian” by the Dalian municipal government.
  5. Foreign personnel whose annual tax payment surpasses 300,000 yuan (about US$43,500).
  6. High-level managerial professionals who are legal representatives, investors, general managers or  vice general managers of a “Top 100 Tax Payment Enterprise.”
  7. High-level managerial professionals who are legal representatives, investors, general managers or  vice general managers of an “Outstanding Foreign-Invested Enterprise”
  8. High-level managerial professionals who are legal representatives  investors, general managers or vice general manager of a “Fortune Top 500 Enterprise” in Dalian city.
  9. “Class A type enterprise registered in the Dalian Public Security Bureau.”  
  • Residence permit validity. Seven categories of high-level foreign professionals will enjoy a longer initial residence permit validity of one to five years. (Previously, the maximum validity was one year, renewable annually). The seven categories are categories 1 through 7 above.
  • Port visas. Foreign visitors who have been invited to Dalian for urgent business travel, such as for engineering repair, will be able to apply for a port visa at three new units (Exit-Entry Bureau, Jinpu New Area, High-Tech Industrial Zone). Dalian authorities will also honor port visa applications from foreigners who entered through the ports of Beijing, Shenzhen or Guangzhou.
  • Longer visa-free stays for transiting travelers. Dalian will extend visa-free stays for transiting travelers from 72 hours to 144 hours. The visa-free stays are available to nationals of 51 countries and will be extended to allow visits throughout Liaoning Province instead of only Shenyang city and Dalian city.

BAL Analysis: Dalian is following the trend in other Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, of introducing immigration reforms and reducing red tape to attract business, tourist and investment.

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