Immigration is a knowledge-based business. Reliable, accurate, and timely immigration information is critical for strategic business planning and the effective mobilization of your workforce. But obtaining up-to-date information is a particularly difficult challenge for enterprises with operations in diverse locations, especially countries where immigration rules and regulations can change without government notice. BAL has built a world-class, industry-leading Knowledge Management Department whose mandate is to track thousands of regulatory changes annually and continuously embed immigration intelligence into BAL’s proprietary database, information libraries, and client deliverables.

Our Knowledge Management Department’s efforts are tailored to your industry. We understand how global regulatory changes are going to affect your programs whether you’re engaged in technology, oil and gas, financial services, retail, or defense. We keep you up to the minute about what’s changed. And, even more important, we enable you to understand how changes are going to affect your people on the ground as well as essential decisions related to business planning and program strategy.


Products & Services

By leveraging our proprietary technology solutions for real-time delivery, BAL provides numerous Knowledge Management products and consulting services to help your company realize the best immigration experience for employees and achieve business objectives. These products and services include the following:

-Comparative Legal Analysis
-Country Summaries
-Decision Trees
-Process Outlines
-Red Flag Summaries
-Strategic Program Consulting