We know what it takes to get you through a crisis. For four decades, our legal experts have helped clients navigate economic recessions, natural disasters, and rapid changes in immigration policy. Our attorneys draw upon their government and private-sector experience to offer clients unique insights and creative strategies to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Forward Vision: Our COVID-19 Task Force has over 100 combined years of government experience. They counseled the White House and government leaders through challenges of every type and scale and they understand the operational and political dynamics that will shape the government’s response to COVID-19. They help clients anticipate and prepare for what is coming next so that in-house professionals can plan ahead.

Industry Benchmarking: Our OneBAL culture facilitates information-sharing and every client gets the best of the firm’s expertise and knowledge. We have a deep network of relationships in every industry and across multiple trade associations. We combine that ear-to-the-ground knowledge with data analytics from our Cobalt case management platform to provide clients with an unparalleled perspective of the immigration landscape.

Advocacy and Influence: We don’t just report on immigration policy—we shape it. The government trusts BAL and values our insights, and we work collaboratively with trade associations and policymakers across the political spectrum to influence thinking and drive sound immigration policies.

Solutions, Not Problems: National emergencies force governments and companies to operate in the grey zone. Companies cannot wait weeks or months to act and no company wants to hear “you just can’t do that.” BAL develops alternative legal strategies, provides clear assessments, and helps clients balance legal risks with business priorities.

Employee Support: BAL has the technology and processes in place to support foreign workers going through the COVID-19 crisis. We work with clients to develop and implement communications plans and provide one-on-one employee consultations.

• Strategic planning for furloughs and reductions in force
• Navigating travel restrictions and exemptions
• Employee communications and transition support
• Complying with H-1B wage and U.S. worker protections
• Managing PERM programs during corporate changes
• I-9 and E-Verify program management and staffing support

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