Reminder: Travel restrictions for US citizens, residents

29 Oct 21


The U.S. will soon lift entry restrictions for fully vaccinated nonimmigrant foreign nationals traveling from Europe and other areas that have been subject to “physical presence” entry bans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some European countries continue to enforce entry restrictions on travelers from the U.S., especially for travelers who are not fully vaccinated.

Entry requirements are as follows:

  • Czech Republic. U.S. citizens and residents can enter the country if they have a residence permit or short-term visa issued by the Czech Republic or another EU country, or they have a long-term visa issue by another EU country. Travelers must complete an entry form before arrival and applicable health requirements. More information regarding entry restrictions can be found here.
  • France. The French government moved the U.S. to its “amber list” on Sept. 9. U.S. travelers who are not vaccinated must give a compelling reason to be able to enter France. No restrictions apply to fully vaccinated U.S. travelers. Additional entry requirements and heath measures can be found here.
  • Germany. Travelers who are coming from or have been in the U.S. within 10 days of entering Germany must be fully vaccinated or demonstrate an important reason for entering the country. More information can be found here.
  • Ireland. Fully vaccinated travelers coming from the U.S. can enter the country without COVID-19 testing. Those who are not fully vaccinated must take a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and quarantine for 14 days or until they receive a negative PCR test after 5 days. More information regarding entry requirements can be found here.
  • Italy. Individuals traveling from or have been in the U.S. within 14 days of intended arrival must present a PCR or rapid test that was taken within 72 hours of arrival, regardless of vaccination status. Travelers must complete the digital passenger locator form before entering the country. Additional entry requirement and information can be found here.
  • Netherlands. Officials designated the U.S. as a “high risk area” on Oct. 22. Only U.S. travelers who are fully vaccinated or fall under an exemption category will be allowed to enter the country. Travelers arriving from the U.S. do not have to quarantine upon arrival. More information regarding entry requirements can be found here.
  • Poland. U.S. citizens and residents can enter the county but must quarantine for 10 days. Travelers may be exempt from the mandatory quarantine if they meet one of the exemptions listed here. More information on Poland’s entry requirements can be found here.
  • Spain. As of Sept. 6, U.S. travelers are subject to the general travel restrictions for non-essential travelers from third countries to EU and Schengen Area. Non-vaccinated U.S. travelers are banned from entering the country until further notice. A full list of travel restriction exemptions can be found here.
  • Sweden. Officials removed the U.S. from its safe-countries list on Sept.6. U.S. travelers may no longer enter the country for non-essential reasons, regardless of vaccination status. Beginning Nov. 5, fully vaccinated U.S. travelers can enter the country. More information on Swedish travel restrictions from the U.S. can be found here and here.
  • Switzerland. Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and residents can enter the country. More information on entry requirements for those who are not fully vaccinated can be found here. Travelers can visit this website visit to check if they can enter Switzerland.
  • United Kingdom. Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and residents must book and pay for a COVID-19 test, complete a passenger locator form and take a COVID-19 test on or before day two of arrival. Those who are not fully vaccinated must take a COVID-19 test within three days before arrival, book and pay for day-two and day-eight COVID-19 tests, complete a passenger locator form and quarantine for at least 10 days. More entry requirements, including the need to show proof of U.S. residency, can be found here.

Additional Information: Many European countries lifted bans on travel from the U.S. in June only to re-impose some restrictions in August and September after the European Union removed the U.S. from its “green list” of safe countries. Entry requirements and health protocols may change with little notice and travelers should be sure to check their destination country’s requirements before travel. Employers and employees should continue to consult their BAL professional before planning any international travel.

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