WERC Webinar | Supporting your Expatriate Population Through an Unpredictable Immigration Environment

April 19, 2023

11:00 AM CT

In this already unpredictable global immigration environment, pandemic-induced backlogs, lengthy wait-times, and geopolitical conflicts that further inhibit mobility are a sources of increased anxiety for your expatriate employees. How can you provide the support required to help your employees navigate the rocky immigration landscape? In this presentation, global mobility experts will share tips and strategies to help you lead with empathy and provide support for the unique needs of your expatriate employees. Speakers will suggest how companies can craft compliant yet forward-thinking global mobility policies to support an empathetic workplace culture that successfully navigates immigration hurdles while boosting recruitment, retention, and employee morale.


  • Tiffany Derentz – Senior Counsel | BAL
  • September Weinberger – Sr. Director, Client Relationships | BAL
  • Jurga McCluskey – Partner | Deloitte UK
  • Hadi Allawi – Partner | Deloitte Middle East