Chicago, IL

WERC Global Workforce Symposium | M&As: Due Diligence & Foreign Workers

October 22, 2021

10:15 AM CT

Merger and acquisition activity spurred by the COVID-19 crisis is ticking up at a time when U.S. policies are increasingly challenging for noncitizen workers. M&As trigger tax and immigration obligations depending on the form of the corporate transaction and the composition of the workforce. When companies move quickly to close these deals, they may overlook due diligence and encounter legal consequences. Attendees will learn the most recent issues regarding noncitizen workforce when engaging in corporate transactions in the current policy environment. In this session, leading immigration and tax experts will highlight key due diligence questions companies should ask—such as determining the immigration status and I-9 verification of all employees—to smoothly execute a merger or acquisition while mitigating immigration risks.

At this event, you will learn:

  • What factors to consider in the acquired entity’s noncitizen workforce.
  • Assessing whether the new entity will be an “H-1B dependent” employer requiring additional compliance obligations and additional government fees.
  • Managing communications and expectations for employees and their families.


Laura Bloniarz | BAL Senior Associate
Sanjee Weliwitigoda | BAL Senior Associate
Marian Klaus | Deloitte Senior Manager
Amanda Paris | Deloitte Senior Manager