WERC Global Workforce Symposium | Innovative Employee Communications Strategies & Tools

October 21, 2021

12:30 PM & 5:00 PM CT

As the face of work changes at an unprecedented pace, you may have employees scattered across the globe, working partially from home or in the process of returning to the office. Plus, record resignation numbers in a tight labor market mean increased demand for employee engagement. How can you maintain a unified and motivated corporate culture amidst these changes? Communication is crucial, not only to morale but to keeping everyone in compliance with immigration and employment laws, but you must adapt messaging to the diverse generations and cultures that make up your company.

Join us to learn about innovative tips and tools in employee communications from award-winning immigration law firm, Berry Appleman and Leiden LLP. See the technology we have developed to help companies support employees through the immigration process. We hope to spark ideas on how you can use similar tech tools in your organization. BAL Partners Kelli Duehning and Nassim Mahzoon will “show and tell” on these topics:

  • Tools that prevent communication gaps from causing compliance issues.
  • Using technology to keep employees updated on changing policies.
  • Solutions to free managers from answering repetitive questions while ensuring employees are supported.
  • Tech tools that address your employees’ anxiety about immigration timelines.
  • Multi-pronged communication strategies if you don’t have an in-house tech team.
Kelli Duehning | BAL Partner
Nassim Mahzoon | BAL Partner


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